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Being a Foster Parent

your role as a caregiver

Many different situations and circumstances influence whether or not a child or youth enter into the foster care system.  In some cases, the family unit is challenged due to social economic reasons, inability of the parents to cope with the child/youth specific behaviours and challenges, the presence of mental health issues and the lack of support networks. Some children and youth display behavioural, social, emotional, physical and/or academic difficulties.  Other children and youth may have mild to severe developmental or physical disabilities.

Your Role

A Foster Parent is responsible for providing a safe, secure and stable environment for the children in their care.  The role of the foster parent is to provide a nurturing family environment for someone else’s child in their own home. In many cases, the foster parent will work towards reuniting the children with their biological family.


The Children and Youth in Your Care


Think you can do this?

Partners in Parenting will recruit, train and support qualified and

experienced foster families in providing care to children and youth.

If you are interested in nurturing children, are caring and compassionate or if you have an understanding of special needs children and youth, then Partners in Parenting is interested in you!

Caring for children is a great reward. Our families enjoy sharing

their homes and lives with children who are less fortunate or who

have special needs. The children we support range in level of need

but they all need caring homes.

If you live in Eastern Ontario and are considering becoming a

foster parent, please contact us below to set up a meeting

in your home.

learn more about the process

Mother and Son

Partner With Us

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Parent with Partners in Parenting?

If so, please get in touch at the below link.

We'd love to hear from you!

Become a Parent
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