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Our History
& Vision

Partners In Parenting Inc. was founded on March 1997 by Keith Barrett, Christine Rondeau & Catherine Faithe.  The organization established a foster care network of families to support the local Children’s Aid Societies and other placement agencies throughout Ontario.​ Through a shared vision, the founding partners established a well-balanced child, youth and family-centered service that serves communities in Eastern Ontario. 


Over the years, our programs have evolved to include not only Foster Care but also Complex Special Needs Group Care and Supported Living Programs.

Today, the organization is directed by Christine Rondeau.

Partners in Parenting believes in working with placing agencies, other organizations,

social workers, foster families, natural families and children in order to provide the optimum level of care.  We also believe that the key to a successful placement is

directly dependent on the successful matching of a child, youth or resident to the

program and/or the foster family.  The matching process must recognize not only

the skills and abilities of our program staff, mentors and foster parents but also

takes into consideration religious, linguistic and ethnic attributes.

Our approach is based on commitment, skills and a supportive and understanding team.  By utilizing outcome-based processes and tools, we are able to effectively identify and work towards meeting the individual needs of children and youth in order to help them to have a successful future.

Our Mission

Partners in Parenting recognizes the rights and needs of children, youth and adults requiring residential care by enabling and supporting care providers in creating a compassionate, safe and therapeutic home environment.


Emphasis is placed on promoting inclusion in our community and respecting our residents’ cultural and ethnic diversity.

Image by Ben White
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