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Types of
Fostering Placements

what you can expect

Fostering children is a temporary means of providing a stable home environment until the children can be returned home or adoptive families can be found. The ideal plan is usually

to reunite a child with their family. Where this is not possible, the plan may include adoption or long-term foster care.

Older children or youth who continue to have ongoing access with their biological families may reside in a foster home for many years until they reach adulthood or are ready to live independently.

Long-term Placements

Short-term (Temporary) Placements

Temporary foster care placements can range from a few weeks

to months and usually are less than one year. Foster parents and Foster Family Supervisors work with the social workers, biological or adoptive families to integrate the children back into their biological families’ homes or to adoptive families.

Respite Placements

Respite fostering involves children staying with a respite foster family for one or two weekends per month. The child or youth can reside with their biological family or in another Partners in Parenting foster home. Ideally the child or youth goes to the same respite foster home each month for continuity of care providers.

Mother and Son

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