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Foster Parents &
Our Support Network

a personalized and dedicated support system

Partners in Parenting is a small, private foster care network thus allowing  you to have a personalized and dedicated support network.

Read on to learn about the different areas of support we give to our foster parents.

Foster Family Manager

As a foster parent/family, you will have a Foster Family Manager assigned

to your home who will provide you with on-going support and liaison with

the Children’s Aid Societies and other organizations.

After Hours On-Call

Our after hours on-call system will be a key element for you to have a successful foster parenting experience. One of our Manager or Supervisor will be available on-call during evenings and weekends for emergency purposes.

Training & Development

Partners in Parenting shall ensure that foster parents have opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills through organized training throughout the year and have access to Partners in Parenting‘s

resource information.

Monthly Communication Meetings

Foster parents meet monthly to discuss new policies, have group training sessions and have local trainers come and share their expertise with the group.  The MCM meetings are also a great way to connect with other foster parents.

Financial Support that Values

Our Foster Parents’ Skills

As a foster parent, you will receive a per diem for each child/youth placed in your home.  This per diem helps to reimburse you for the foster child’s living expenses.

Family Activities

Partners in Parenting values our families and their commitments to the children and youth they support.  Throughout the year activities are geared to families.  Some of the recent activities include: Calypso water park, Stanley’s Farm, Hockey games, BBQ’s and Upper Canada Village.  All of these activities are sponsored by Partners in Parenting.

Relief & Emergency Services

The foster family and the foster child will benefit from the relief period as it provides an opportunity to change the focus while rejuvenating their energy. Partners in Parenting will assist the foster family in creating a relief support network, as well as organizing emergency relief services for foster parents when required. Partners in Parenting shall ensure that a worker is available to respond within 24 hours to emergencies reported by the foster parents.


Staff Support

In addition to the per diem, each placement will receive fifteen hours (15 hours) of staff support to assist the foster parent in caring for their foster child. Foster families can hire in-home Foster Family Support Staff through Partners in Parenting or establish their own support network with the involvement of the Foster Family Manager.


Access to Therapist/Behavioural Psychologist

Foster Family Managers assist foster parents with developing and implementing behaviour modification techniques and programs. Partners in Parenting has a clinical consultant that meets twice a month with the clinical teams.

If the child/youth you support requires behavioural support please advise your Foster Family Manager.

Mother and Son

Partner With Us

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Parent with Partners in Parenting?

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