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The Children & Youth in Our Care

their needs and how you can help

The Child

Partners in Parenting provides support to children and youth from many different backgrounds, circumstances and experiences.  This can include children who have experienced emotional or physical abuse and/or neglect, medically fragile and complex special needs children as well as children who have developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and mental health issues.

Family Trip

The History

Many children have experienced a degree of neglect and or physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of others.  In many cases, children will demonstrate various behavioural and developmental issues and possible delays as a result of their past experiences.  These effects often manifest themselves in behaviours such as aggression, tantrums, limited social skills and an inability to develop healthy & trusting relationships with adults.

In most cases, the children and youth entering the foster care system will have unique needs and require support and patience.

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